The skin is the largest detoxification organ of the body. Profuse perspiration is especially useful in removing environmental toxins trapped in fat cells as these can only be eliminated through the skin.

Infrared heat penetrates the skin deeper than any other kind of heat and thus offers many benefits:


- Weight loss
- Detoxification
- Hormonal rebalancing
- Relief of rheumatic pains (arthritis, fibromyalgia…)
- Deep cleanse of the skin
- Reinforce the immune system


Sessions vary from 15 min to an hour 




See what Dr. Oz says about Infrared Saunas



Spring Special: Infrared Sauna - Bring a friend for free!

Spring cleaning is highly recommended for our body too. Keep yourself fit and avoid needless sickness, absenteeism, help resolve those aches, avoid an oncoming cold and relieve tension easily.

Beyond being simply pleasant and relaxing, boost your immune system, get an easy and effective cleanse and even loose some excess weight.
8 sessions (30 min for the very first one, up to 60 min each for the others) at your convenience (package valid for 3 months from the date of purchase)

The Winter SPECIAL is $185.00 * (Regular rate 300$ + taxes)



Second promotion as mentioned above:

Come with a friend Package $85.00* each

Infrared sauna, Shower, Relaxation Room, Herbal Tea and Swedish Massage for 2.

Treatment & Infrared Sauna

Swedish Massage & 30 minute sauna $90.00*

*taxes not included.

The sauna can accommodate 4 people - By appointment only