Kripalu's YogaDance™ is a dynamic, creative, expression of your own inner wisdom through movement. Music invites a spontaneous, joyful discovery of the self and a compassionate way to get in touch with the inner you, while connecting to others in the dance of life.

Dancing has always been part of the things massage therapist Ilia Kavoukis loved doing to have fun, unwind, and further explore herself. So when she was introduced to the dance therapy in 2000 as another way to improve mental, physical and spiritual development it was only natural that she would incorporate it into her practice.



Her classes; YogaDance™ give participants the opportunity to use music, rhythm, movement to creatively connect their thoughts and emotions with their bodies.

The resulting releases of energy and insight are akin to the powerful physical and mental improvements experienced through meditation. It is not about achieving defined forms of dance, but simply expressive movement. The objective is achieving a relaxed state of mind and thus allowing the free interpretation of the sounds through movement. “Clearly the challenges of our daily lives often result in emotional, mental and physical stress.

Dance therapy helps the mind and body re-energize by promoting emotional and physical well being. Dance therapy also helps people to get outside their everyday frame of mind where they can discover authentic insights through the creativity of movement while gaining lasting physical improvements as well.“ Ilia The social side of dance therapy is another benefit Ilia reports. 

“Sharing at the end of a class is an important part of the process. To see how others share the same feelings is quite moving, and it assures us that we really are not alone.” 

Although the classes are open to all faces and all ages, special classes can be arranged to better suit children and seniors. No prior dance experience is needed, actually Ilia asks that you leave all preconceived ideas at the door before you enter the studio.