Ilia Kavoukis


Founder of The Sunshine Center in 2007 Trained in Kinetic Swedish Massage at Kiné Concept in Montreal since 2002. Certified Reflexologist by the Reflexology Association of Canada since 2000. Former Chair Person for the Montreal Reflexology Chapter. Ilia started receiving Reiki initiations in 1994 and as of the year 2000 she has achieved Master level allowing her to initiate others. One of Ilia's favorite treatments to give is Hot Stone Massage.

Ilia uses all her different modalities together to make her clients experience unforgettable. She also possesses a gift for knowing what each individual needs and tailors a massage just for them.Ilia Kavoukis as a Dance Animator, certified as a Kripalu YogaDance™ instructor. Dancing has always been part of the things this massage therapist loved doing to have fun, unwind, and further explore herself. So when she was introduced to dance therapy in the year 2000 as another way to improve mental, physical and spiritual development it was only natural that she would incorporate it into her practice.

Ilia is also passionate about exercising as a way of life. This is why she has been trained as a personal trainer by the Canadian Fitness Professional Association as a Specialized trainer. She can create a individualized program with her clients personal goals in mind. Let Ilia's 20 years of experience serve you!

Her classes; YogaDance™ give participants the opportunity to use music, rythm, movement to creatively connect their thoughts and emotions with their bodies. The resulting releases of energy and insight are akin to the powerful physical and mental improvements experienced through meditation.« Since 1993, I have been exploring the alternative ways of dealing with stress, illness and anything else life throws at us.

Everything from relaxation techniques to exercise habits to how we nourish ourselves and our families. I feel very lucky to have discovered all of these treasures that add such richness to my life. I decided to put this website together to share some of these gifts with anyone who is also searching for alternative ways to complement their exsisting habits-or replace the ones that are not working anymore. »



Catherine Foisy

À l'aide de différentes manipulations adaptées au besoin, l'ostéopathe travaille avec la santé de la personne dans le but de retrouver la vitalité et la mobilité de chacune des structures du corps pour ainsi lui permettre un fonctionnement optimal. Ostéopathie

Mes traitements sont adaptés à une clientèle variée provenant de différents groupes d'âge et de différents milieux dont les femmes enceintes, les bébés et enfants ainsi que les personnes âgées.  

Lu Emanuel

Lu taught children of all ages and ability levels for twenty years, in Montreal and in the Eastern Townships. She is a free spirited, joyful and soulful person who has followed her own path over three decades to come now to a direct and personal experience of the divine both within and outside of herself. Lu honours each person’s path and choices. She places herself in complete acceptance and compassion as a conscious creator of her experience in the world.

She practices living life in the Now moment in reverence, integrity and joyful self-expression. Lu is a poet, a singer / songwriter, a passionate gardener, an amateur botanist, a photographer and a child at heart. All of these, in no particular order of importance, contribute to her experience of the joy in being alive and it is this joy, which can only be experienced in the sacred Now moment, which Lu would love to share with all who participate in the activities she offers here.You are welcome to share Lu’s journey in the Now through her blog Being in the World at There, in prose writing, photography and poetry, Lu explores living in the present moment, growing in wisdom and insight, and finding the divine within ourselves and in the world that surrounds us.