What is Reiki?

The living body, human or animal, radiates warmth and energy. This energy is the universal life force that exists in everyone and everything. When practicing Reiki the practitioner is channeling this energy to the receiver. The act of laying on of the hands on the human or animal body to comfort and relieve pain is as old as instinct itself. So, it is no surprise that when experiencing pain, the first thing people do is place their hand(s) over the area of pain.

Can anybody do it?

Yes, everyone can do it, however when you receive Reiki initiations you begin the process of cleaning your channels in order to be able to channel more energy.

What is a Reiki initiation?

An initiation is conducted by a Reiki Master who uses ancient symbols to help open the recipient’s channels to allow more energy to flow unimpeded.

Can anybody receive an initiation?

Yes, any one with the desire can receive an initiation. Young children, elderly, even someone who is severely sick, as it can be beneficial to anyone.

How can you use this gift?

This is a wonderful gift that can be used to help heal yourself and/or others.

What are the benefits?

- Promotes relaxation
- Improves circulation
- Relieves tension
- Improves body awareness
- Helps to connect you to your true source

The courses including the Reiki initiations are offered by Ilia Kavoukis. The participants learn what Reiki is and how to channel the universal life force.
Courses are offered in Montreal & the Eastern Townships or can be given at other locations as well.