Since 1993, I have been exploring the alternative ways of dealing with stress, illness and anything else life throws at us. Everything from relaxation techniques to exercise habits to how we nourish our selves and our families.



I feel very lucky to have discovered all of these treasures that add such richness to my life. I decided to put this website together to share some of these gifts with anyone who is also searching for alternative ways to complement their existing habits-or replace the ones that are not working anymore.


I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all the wonderful people whom I have crossed paths with. Thank you to all my clients who have graced my massage table or danced themselves into bliss: all have placed their trust in me and in the whole process of self-healing.

Thank you for all your sharing.

Furthermore, thank you to all the Healers that help me through my on-going healing journey.

After all, "It's all about the journey not the destination"


Ilia Kavoukis